Orientations to the profissionals

Dear Congressman,

The following is important information to assist in your trip to Brazil during the 12th SAFEPORK:


  • Check the documentation required for your trip. Producers for boarding children and teenagers must be confirmed by the Juvenile court. For international flights, remember to check passport and visa expiration dates.

  • Arrive at the check in area at the time indicated on your air ticket. Arriving after scheduled time may cause nuisance, as well as boarding issues and addittional costs, according to the air transportation contract.

  • Attention to gate number. It can bem changed.

  • The airline may refuse boarding passengers that present symptoms of drunkeness. Passengers are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverage during the flight, unless the airline offers alcoholic drinks.


  • Foreign passport;

  • Identify Card for Foreigners – CIE (RNE), in accordance with international agreements signed by Brazil;

  • Diplomatic Identify or other legal travel document in accordance with international agreements signed by Brazil, for national trips, the CIE (RNE) request protocol issued by the Federal Police Department may be accepted instead of the original documente within 180 days of its date of issuance.


  • Every traveler, including a minor, can bring goods from the exterior up to US$ 500 (or equivalent in another currency), in air and sea travel, without paying taxes. The quota is personal and non-transferable. The quota value may change eventually.
  • Duty Free: In addition to the duty-free quota, travelers have the right to spend an additional US $ 500 (or equivalent in another currency) at the Duty Free Shop at the airport where baggage will be checked by the Brazilian Customs at the return landing. The quota is not valid for other airports. If purchases exceed the initial free quota and the duty free quota, the traveler will be liable to pay the import tax, which is usually 50% of the value of the invoice or purchase note.

  • About Entrance Visas in Brazil click HERE


The International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP) is a document proving vaccination against yellow fever and / or other diseases. The possibility of requiring the CIVP is provided for in the International Health Regulations (IHR). The list of countries requiring the certificate is available on the World Health Organization website. According to Technical Note 06/07 / DEVEP / SVS / MS (PDF), Brazil starts recommending vaccination against Febre Amarela for travelers from international areas at risk of transmission to or from these areas, as well as For travelers to national areas at risk of transmitting the same. According to the Technical Note, the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP), valid against Yellow Fever, is now required, according to Decree No. 87, of April 15, 1991, only for the entry into national territory of international travelers Of Yellow Fever occurrence areas that present a risk for international dissemination. At present there is no area presenting a risk of international spread of the disease and, as such risk is established, will be widely disseminated. To be protected against yellow fever, travelers must be vaccinated at least 10 days before their trip. This vaccine will be valid for 10 years and must be administered again by the end of this period. The validity of the CIVP will correspond to the validity of the vaccine.